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Wix VS WordPress

WIX VS WORDPRESS: Opt the best one for your website!

The website plays an important role to boost your business performance. Creating a website has never been a burden. If you create a website, it will take time, money and so on. Therefore, you need to spend your budget and time in a right way.

Are you planning to decide between Wix vs WordPress? Both content management platforms are wonderful. But, to select the perfect one is your choice. In this blog, we will compare the Wix and WordPress and mark the pros and cons.

Let's take a look at the comparison of two platforms.

1. Expenditure to build a website:

The main factor which comes into your mind while creating a website is the cost of a website. The total cost of a website will completely depend on your necessity.


Wix is a free content management platform which offers basic website constructor for free. But, you cannot customize your domain name for your website so, the address will be

The basic plan of Wix does not offer any advanced functionality. To add some additional features, you need to upgrade your basic plan to the premium plan. According to bandwidth, you can select the perfect plan for monthly or yearly. If you want e-commerce store, then you will have to pay additional charges for your store.


 WordPress is free for anyone. The main advantage of WordPress is that you need your own domain name and hosting. There are many hosting providers available in the market, you can choose anyone according to your budget. If you choose Bluehost, then it will cost you $2.75 per month and also includes the free custom domain.

According to WordPress themes or premium plugins, your website can increase but if you select free plugins then you can save more money. So, there many plans available which WordPress provides. According to your need, you can select any plan and you are free to use your WordPress websites in any way.

2.Websites Plugins:

As we know, plugins are the third party extensions which we can use with our website to add more functionality. In wix, we call it apps and in WordPress, we call it plugins.


Talking about Wix, it comes with nearly 150+ apps that you can add to your website to increase the performance of your website. Through this app, you can add new emailing list, gallery, comment features and so on. Wix provides both free and premium apps.


There are almost 50,000+ free plugins available on the WordPress official website. For using premium plugins, you can go through the third-party websites. But, by using free plugins, you can also build a membership, creating a form, new email list, for security purpose and so on.

3. For Online business:

Selling products online is an important feature for creating a website.


If you choose wix then you will have to pay some amount as Wix offers paid plans to run e-commerce store. With a basic plan, you cannot run your website with e-commerce development platform, you should update it with a paid plan. It allows limited payment gateway for your e-commerce store.


If we choose WordPress for your e-commerce store, then it becomes easy to create your online store. There any many platforms available which you can use for your WordPress website such as Woocommerce, Magento and so on. But, Woocommerce is the perfect platform for your WordPress website to create an online store.

WordPress provides many plugins to sell your product, subscription and more.

4. Easy to use:

If you do not have much time to learn new things then you can go for any platform Wix or WordPress as both offer flexibility to create a website without having programming language knowledge.


Wix is easy to use to create your own websites. It offers a drag and drop interface where you can insert in your website and start editing. You can easily rearrange all the things on your website.


WordPress does not offer any built-in environment to edit any content. For this, you need to use a visual editor to write your content. And to customize your theme, there is a theme customizer. There are navigation menus, visual editor, etc also present in the WordPress platform. To get the full control on your website, you need to learn these fields.


After reading all the above points carefully, you would be able to know which platform is better Wix or WordPress.

WordPress is much higher-ranking to Wix for creating a website. Although Wix is also easy to use for creating a website but to use the more functionality in your website and to make it more attractive, WordPress is better.

We hope this blog is helpful for you to compare Wix and WordPress and to learn about what WordPress and Wix offer.

If you choose a perfect platform, then you can save your money and generate more leads to increase your revenue and growth of your business.

Author Bio:

Tom Hardy is a renowned WordPress developer at  Sparx IT Solutions: PSD to WordPress Conversion Company and keeps on searching the innovative ways to improve the speed of websites. He also likes to share the researched knowledge with the audience through engaging blogs.   


Before & After Using MaxCDN

Max CDN Review

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Before MaxCDN



Before  MaxCDN


After MaxCDN

After MaxCDN

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Affiliate Marketing Compare #4 On MSN!

How to rank high on MSN

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