5 Benefits of Personalized Video Marketing for your Business

Video marketing is always a perfect content material for many consumers online. Different statistics back this up. At least four out of five users on Twitter watch video content posted on their feed. A total of 500 million hours of content watches Youtube every day. Lastly, one out of two online users seeks for video contents of a product before deciding if s/he will purchase one.

However, these kinds of videos should be compelling enough for people to leave a lasting effect. Thus, the creation of personalized video contents. These videos are building engagement opportunities to give a memorable experience to your audience. In this article, High Tower Video Production will give you five different advantages and benefits of using personalized video marketing. Sit back and continue reading, you may not know that this innovation might change your business.


1. Boosts Conversion and Sales

Personalized campaigns and contents have a significant impact on the performance of different e-commerce companies. The biggest benefit for personalized contents, especially videos, is boosting of conversions and sales.

Both videos and personalized contents have huge impacts on conversions and sales. What will happen if you combine those two into one content? The potential for success is very high. Most marketers noticed a 20% increase in sales when they use personalized contents. Consumers have a 64-84% chance of buying a purchase after watching a video on the shop's site.

Personalized video content is a good idea if you need more profit for your business. Also, the potential of having significant influence and higher sales and conversion rates is very likely.



2. Increases People’s Trust

Trustworthy and reliability is one of the many aims of every brand online. If you have achieved that image of your brand to your audience, it can give you a big lead from your competitors. Different contents can help you have a credible and reliable image, but personalized video contents can do the work for you.

Personalized videos can give a compelling impression to your audience. With the combination of building a relationship to your audience and creating a memorable content for them, personalized videos can easily increase the trust of your audience to your brand — not only that benefit but also leaving a lasting memory to them, which will make your content hard to forget and imprinted to them.

Focus your video content on your customers' values, needs, and other information about them that should have a connection to your brand or products.


3. Appeals to Mobile Users

Videos appeal to different mobile and smartphone users. Videos are most likely watched through the use of a smartphone or any mobile device. Based on many research and studies over the past years, online users are very comfortable watching video content and longer contents through their mobile phones.

With this data and information, you need to take advantage of this phenomenon. Since videos appeal to many users, your personalized video contents are perfect for mobile users. People are watching videos through handheld devices because of the experience brought by videos on mobile. Your brand needs to create a unique experience with the video content you are creating on their smartphones.



4. Converts Well on Facebook

Facebook has updated their rules and policies for having exposure for video contents on news feeds. Videos are perfect for Facebook. There are different ideas on what videos you can create for your Facebook marketing. You can either make paid video ads for your brand to widen the reach of your brand image or create video contents for your customers to build a relationship and strengthen your ties.

Another idea is using the Facebook Live feature and create personalized videos with it. You can have real-time experience with your customers, and at the same time, it can be still viewed even after the live streaming. It is also important to make your first seconds of the video compelling and fascinating to sustain the attention of your viewers. Lastly, captions should also be interesting to draw your audience's attention. Facebook is mainly made for relationship-building and connection to people, use that wisely using your personalized video contents.



5. Effective Way of Communication

Videos are a perfect way to convey a message to your audience. Not only it is an interesting way to be a medium of a message, but also it can transmit a message because it is dynamic content and not static. Also, videos can help you angle a message based on its main aim. You can frame your message to be urgent or appealing depending on your video execution.


Final Thoughts

Personalized video contents are still on the rise in this generation of content creation. Its potential is also not measured to its highest point. However, it is sure that personalized video marketing can undoubtedly give you different benefits in your business. After reading these five different benefits, we hope that you will try to create one and have significant advantages to your business.

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13 Important Metrics For Your Press Release Distribution

Before, it seems impossible to measure the impact of public relations. Even measuring the result of press release distribution seems a daunting process.

Why do you think we need to measure the impact of distributing releases? In the era of the digital age, everyone can write a release. It is not only limited to PR professionals.

However, despite the fact that anyone can do it, it doesn’t mean that anyone can do it right. If you know what to measure, you’ll have more successful releases in the future.

In this post, we’ll discuss the important metrics that are important for you to measure the impact of distributing releases:




The goal of every release is to invite the media and readers to read your announcement. However, it is not the only thing that you should target.

You should encourage them to take an action. What is your call-to-action (CTA)? Do you want them to click to your link to visit your site and learn more about your product?

Do you want them to sign up for newsletters, or invite them to download a copy of your E-book? If you can engage them more, the more successful your campaign will be.

You should be able to engage them in your story. It is one factor that you should measure in your campaign. There are many tools that can help you track results.

To measure click-through, you can use a URL shortener in your release. Its purpose is to track how many times the link was clicked in your story. It also gives an idea of how it is going.




How do you measure the conversion rate of your campaign? If the audience read your content and clicked on the link how did they respond to it?

For instance, once they reached your site, did they read the content, make a purchase, download something, or complete a contact form? You can also use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic sources and check where it is coming from.

Your goal in your release determines your conversion rates. Conversions are a sign that a prospect or potential customer is actively moving on to the sales funnel.


  • READS.


This metric reflects the number of times that an audience read your release. Reads indicate the number of people who consumed your news.

By monitoring the number of reads of your successful releases, you can develop the method of writing releases patterned to successful releases.




These are tools that give you an idea when your chosen keywords are found online. Using this tools allow you to monitor your brand mentions and company name and helps manage your reputation. It gives you a hint, whether your content is popular or not online.




Tracking your social media mentions is a very important metric that tells how well your content is performing. You should be able to monitor the number of Twitter mentions or blog mentions to know that it is going viral on these platforms. You can set Twitter alerts to notify you of these mentions.

It’s significant that you know how many influencers are mentioning you, or how many have shared your content. Make sure that you also keep an eye on the hashtags that perform well.




It measures the total number of people who have seen your release so far. You should be able to track how many people have been exposed to your content. If you are using a press release distribution service, it is expected that you have a high potential reach.




The potential reach of your release may be overwhelming. However, you shouldn’t be satisfied with the value unless you have seen the engagement rate.

A lot of marketers thought that potential reach is enough for them to measure their content’s success. You should be more concerned about the number of people who have seen it, and how many have actually engaged.

There are a number of ways how you can measure the engagement of your audience, including how many have downloaded the copy of your ebook, shared your content, or how many have clicked to your link.

You need to find ways to boost the engagement of your audience to your content. Make sure that you master these tactics.




This is perhaps the oldest and first metric used in measuring the impact of releases. You need to know where your news is placed and published. You also need to have an idea about the length of the article, message permeation, assets, placement and more.




How aware are people of your news? You can determine who shared it, the extent of sharing, or who shared your news. Did you get editorial coverage, or was it shared by an influencer or your employee?




You can track the inbound traffic of your release by adding a URL builder or extension to any URL placed within your content. The link should traffic back to your site. When they clicked the links, you can monitor their actions within your site.




It’s important that you know which part of the world your news resonated. You can track it per region, locally and globally.

Knowing how your news resonated is useful to continue any conversation online or sales marketing campaigns. You’ll also get the idea which regions or area receive your news positively, so you can target them the next time you issue your release.




You should see your release on top of the search engines if you have made all the effort in enhancing your copy. Make sure that you also distribute content on a regular basis. Check the tools that you can use to monitor the keywords or search terms you are targeting and your search engine rankings.




Search your release title. Place your headline onto quotation marks. You’ll get the exact number of indexed pickups at the last page of the search results.

Tracking the impact of your distribution is important as knowing its return-on-investment. With available tracking tools online, measuring its impact has never been easier.

Aside from the mentioned above, it is now easier to measure the success of releases now that it has gone live. Other elements that are important in determining its impact, include: identifying online and offline news outlets that published your news, number of backlinks it generated, and if it is gaining popularity on the social media.

If your news story is promoted and shared on social media channels a lot more times, it can spread like a wildfire. Your story can go viral easily that boost its virality.

Backlinks are also an important gauge in measuring your news impact. A back reference refers to the link leading to your website.

Search engines like Google regard backlinks as an important element in determining the ranking of your content. More backlinks lead to a higher ranking on the search engine result pages (SERPs).

In reality, traditional releases have lost its ability to create an impact. If you want your story to generate interest, go viral and widen its reach, you need to personalize it as much as possible.

A personalized pitch is favorable to journalists as it creates an instant traction with them. Boost their interest by making them feel that you are making their job easier.

Follow the format of writing a release, make your news newsworthy, and include assets like surveys studies and infographics. The more accessible and complete your content is, the more they will have the interest to publish your work.

Build relationships to establish a foundation with the press. Be sure to do this prior to reaching out.

Use different online tools in measuring the success of your releases. If you are using newswire services, know what metrics they use to track the performance of your content.

If they can’t provide you these reports, choose other services that can provide you. Remember that you cannot just distribute content, without knowing how well it is performing.

Another applicable tip that you can try is monitoring the profiles of your competitors. Check their content and distribution, and how their stories are covered by the media.

Knowing how your competitors are performing can help you improve your approach in distributing your content. It pays well if you know the market you are in. Study your industry and rivals in the business.

You should be aware of who is leading, and how you can beat them through content distribution. Keep in mind that it getting publicity is not easy due to the steep competition.

Your content needs to stand out from the rest. By becoming aware of how to properly write and distribute your content, you have a better chance of getting a more positive result for your campaigns.

Again, go back to your goal. Think about how you are going to reach your goal. At the end of your campaign, you should be able to measure whether you reach it or not.

The result is important for your future content marketing campaigns. By gaining insights and stats of your content’s performance, you can better improve your content and avoid the mistakes that are hampering you in getting the right outcome.

7 Marketing Methods For Modern Millennials

7 Marketing Methods For Modern Millennials

Marketing has evolved to the point where it is no longer recognizable any longer. Gone are the “offline” tactics that used to appeal to a mass audience. The business card and solid handshake combo still have some use but they have been replaced. Nowadays, companies focus on using SEO and social media to attract customers. They have to be seen as modern to thrive.


There is a good reason for this: millennials. These people are defined by their birth dates, usually between the 80s and 90s. Growing up with technology, this generation requires a lot more from a strategy, mainly facts and figures. It is untrusting of anyone who claims to be an expert because they hold power. Millennials fight back against the man; they don’t embrace him with open arms.


Funnily enough, it is this generation that holds all of the aces in 2018. According to Pew, there are 71 million millennials in the USA today compared to 74 million boomers. By 2019, the latter won’t be in second place. Businesses, then, have to figure out how to appeal to a demographic that is growing with every passing year. How do you advertise to a nuanced and complicated group of people?


Here are a few ideas.


Be Relatable

The idea of trust is a big one for millennials. They don’t believe huge corporations when they speak or release information. For youngsters, they are too long in the teeth to take data at face value. The most recent example of their cynicism coming to light is the Volkswagen emissions scandal. If they can’t see behind the scenes, then it’s going to be hard to convince them of anything.


So, the answer is to show them the inner workings of the business with a series of videos. Shoot people behind the scenes who are working on new projects and interview employees about their experiences. Yes, there’s a chance that most workers will tow the party line regardless. And, you’re not going to put a person on camera that has something negative to say.


Still, body language is an excellent sign. Some people will say the right things yet their bodies will scream “liar.” Others will project such happiness and confidence that they must be telling the truth. Always invite the audience to give their feedback through the comments section or by interacting on social media. The generations of the 80s and 90s have an opinion and love to put it out into the ether.


Go To Them

Never wait for a millennial to come to you because it’s a mistake waiting to happen. Their independence means they pick and choose content and don’t let others impact their thinking. If someone mentions something they should see, they may or may not watch it depending on their mood. Honestly, it seems ridiculously short-sighted yet people act like this because of authority issues.


We’ll get into the power dynamic later in the post, but for now, let’s concentrate on meeting them where they stand. Millennials are different to every other generation, and that means they consume media another way. Some will see the odd billboard or flyer and clock the brand name, but it won’t stick as well. Why? It’s because it isn’t engaging.


What is appealing is a video on YouTube or a series of short and creative tweets. These platforms have billions of daily participants and millennials make up a large percentage. But, they also love to game, use apps and send messages. Therefore, developing an application can grab their attention. These are the people that will use it religiously rather than using a desktop version of the website.


Snap A Snapchat

We like to believe that everything is created equal, none more so than a millennial. The truth is very different. There is inequality and it still exists in the 21st century. For the most part, it can be uncomfortable and awkward and hard to change. However, there are times when inequality works in favor of the brand. Before you judge, please carry on reading.


In the paragraph above, the post outlined how you should target the audience through their mediums. Social media is the big one as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram continue to grow. Using a mixture of all the big platforms is a wise move, yet there is one app that needs more attention.


Regarding people born in the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, Snapchat is the king of social media. In simple terms, it has millennial privilege over the rest of the industry. Snapping snots on Snapchat then is an excellent way to raise awareness. A warning – don’t be overly sales driven. Because you’re using Snapchat doesn’t mean the usual sales tactics don’t exist. This generation hates forced and unnatural content.


Ask For Their Help

No company has to go begging to an audience with its tail between its legs. Although, one demographic that would relate to this tactic would be the one in question. Asking for help is a subtle form of including the target group within the plan. Too many businesses believe their expertise is the one that counts, so they develop a strategy and put it out to the public. When there is no traction, they wonder why because they are too arrogant to see the pros of including “amateurs.”


Well, novices might not have a degree but they are the boots on the ground. They are the ones who have to react to the marketing scheme and make a conversion. As a result, their input is integral to the firm’s success. Companies that interact on the street aren’t annoying people; they are showing that they care. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a piece of advice come to life.


Stopping people as they walk may not be your M.O. In that case, start a competition and get the public to develop ideas and send them in to win a prize. As well as free labor, it’s a savvy way to gain their trust and attention.



Tell A Feel-Good Story

Think about society today and write down one thing that springs to mind. Progression is without a shadow of a doubt on that list. Also called PC, millennials like to be progressive and forward-thinking men and women. Rather than ignoring people and the world around them, they embrace everyone and everything. The well-being of other people is as important to them as their own. At least, that’s how individuals like to be perceived.


With that in mind, businesses can tug at their heartstrings with an emotive, feel-good story. Crying doesn’t have to be the objective because there are more ways to evoke a person’s feelings. Booking has an advert on TV right now that is a prime example.


Magnus is an employee on a mission to film his travels. Along the way, he comes across people and cultures he has never seen before while soft music plays in the background. At one point, he even exclaims that he has no idea where he is. Millennials relate to this more than anyone because it mixes traveling with a humanitarian mission.


Commit To A Cause


Again, this plays on the generation’s need to help others. In their eyes, there is too much inequality – gender and class-wise – that they can change. Even the environment is a fantastic cause that needs help from a millennial’s point of view. Companies that can do any of the above are the ones that stand out from the crowd as genuine and progressive.


Of course, what isn’t real or forward thinking is the act of milking your good deeds for money. When you think about it, it is basically what the business is doing when they advertise the fact they give to charity, for example. The key, then, is to do it without saying a word. CL Smith has a range of sustainable packing ideas that aim to save the environment. By using their products, an organization can piggyback off of the good PR.


Another simple yet effective alternative is a logo. You already have one (hopefully), but there is no need to invest in another. It already exists. Using the universal sign for conversation (see below) instantly points out that you care about the planet. And, no one will miss it because it’s something they search for when they choose a brand.



Personally Engage

You don’t have to do this because there is no way to tell who wrote a tweet. Plus, there are too many jobs to complete to spend time on social media.


Any employee is capable of interacting with the firm’s audience, but they should do it by being personal. All this means is that the company uses customer info to address people online. By adding a name to the top of an email, it will feel authentic and genuine. Merely linking a twitter handle to your response is a great move, too.


Thanks to the reliance on the internet, there has never been an easier time to conduct research.

Do you feel more comfortable targeting millennials now, or are they still a mystery?

SEO for your business website

8 Promotion Tactics To Skyrocket Your Small Business Website’s Traffic

Having high website traffic is the necessary condition of success for small businesses specializing in online-based services. Without a steadily-increasing stream of visitors, internet-based companies have little room for growth. However, drawing in new consumers is not a simple task in today's marketplace. There are over 1 billion websites registered in the world today, meaning there is a lot of competition to be had between online businesses.

Coming out on top is not easy, but there are steps each company can take to improve their chance at success. Specifically, companies need to utilize a wide variety of marketing tactics in order to reach out to more and more potential customers. Choosing the right approach can be difficult, in no small part due to the abundance of low-quality online articles which tend to promise wonders, but deliver only trifles. So instead of pretending to sell you marketing panacea, we will use the rest of this article to outline what are some of the most commonly used methods of increasing online traffic.

Magazine Ads

Magazine AdsDespite what some naysayers have been telling you, traditional media hasn't quite gone the way of the dinosaur yet. They are dwindling, however, which means they are more likely to support themselves through advertising. This is where your website comes in. Advertising your website through newspaper and magazine ads has never been cheaper. Use this opportunity to introduce people to your company logo, tag-line, and website URL.

Stickers, Leaflets, Business Cards

stickers to promote your business

Don't underestimate the advertising potential of small bits of paper with your logo and website address on them. Printing and distributing paper-based materials is an inexpensive way to infiltrate the pockets of your fellow city-dwellers. Make sure to include these materials in your official press-kits, as local media can be a powerful ally for getting your name heard.

Mobile Advertising

People are taught to pay attention to moving vehicles from an early age. And if you know where their eyes will be looking, why not put an ad there? A single line of text such as a web address can easily be put on a bike, a car, or on the side of a train, thus ensuring your brand is circulating on the streets.

Outdoor Panels

Placing a Display Me lightbox with your company logo and a QR code pointing to your website at the entrance of your business office, combines online and offline marketing for maximum impact. Passersby who regularly move through your area will have many opportunities to check out your ad, and some might even scan the code out of curiosity. This will lead them to your website irrespective of how popular it might be online.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO for your business website

People are not going to visit your website if they can't find it. Your service might be excellent and your site might be a masterpiece of design, but if no one comes across it while browsing online, all your effort will go to waste. SEO works by making your site more visible on search engine result pages. Optimization is achieved through the tactical use of keywords and keyword phrases throughout your site's content. The better your site is optimized, the greater the likelihood of it appearing among top search results on Google or Bing, which makes it easier to find through while browsing the web.


Incorporating a company blog in your website ensures that you have a means of expanding your content on a regular basis. Blog posts are very versatile when it comes to increasing traffic. First, they are ripe for SEO because they can incorporate trending keywords as they become popular. Second, they are a free source of content for your social media page. Finally, quality blog posts can be valuable sources of information for other blog writers, who will in turn link to them, further spreading your online presence.

Social media marketing

By creating a social media profile for your business, you are setting it up to become a part of the online conversation. If they like your social media content, your soon-to-be followers will check out your profile, which should contain a link to your website, which is where you want to lead them. The best part comes from the fact that your followers are likely to share your content with their friends, potentially creating new followers at no extra cost to you.

Celebrity Streamers

Celebrity Streamers

The popularity of video-based services like Twitch and YouTube in recent years has brought about the rise of a new kind of entrepreneur: the celebrity streamer. These individuals make living by creating video content for their massive audiences. Having your website featured in one of these videos is sure to give a boost to your traffic. While it can be difficult to get a hold of top-level streamers, there are plenty of young, eager celebrity-wannabes that would be willing to promote your content at a fair price.

Causing a Traffic Jam Online

Increasing online traffic is often presented as something achievable only through esoteric means. The reality is that increasing website traffic is not as difficult as it seems. Understanding the basic principles behind online (and offline) advertising allows companies to expand their traffic quickly, conveniently, and at very little extra cost.

Computer Desktop with pokemon

Is Advertising on Free Mobile Games a Good Idea for Your Business?

There are lots of ways you can take advantage of the huge mobile technology market for advertising. Most businesses are already aware of the most common techniques, like having paid Facebook ad campaigns, using Google AdWords, or simply using Twitter to promote themselves. You can also, of course, advertise on websites. However, one method of advertising that a lot of companies forget about is advertising on free mobile apps and games.


  • Why Do Apps and Games Have Ads?


The app market is pretty well saturated, and so many developers with a good product find that rather than charging money for an app, which would have to compete with rival apps that are offered for free, it is a better business model to give their app to consumers for free but put ads on it to give them an income. This is done with all kinds of apps, but especially games.


  • What Types of Games Have Ads?


Mobile games have several models. Somewhere the game is free but progressing in it at a decent level can cost the player real money for in-game currency (often called a 'freemium' or 'free-to-play' model). Others, where the game itself costs money but is complete and ad-free (usually something only major game studios with good publicity can get away with). The third kind is games that have both an ad-supported and a paid version – the idea being that people will use the free version as a trial and then like it enough to pay to remove the ads. Then, finally, there are games that are fully ad supported.

This means that a lot of games do feature ads, whether they are displayed during play, or whether play stops between levels and the player has to watch an advertisement. Because they are getting the game for free, a lot of people are fine with watching these, as long as they are relatively relevant.


  • Is the Online Gamer Market Compatible with Your Target Audience?


A lot of mobile games are a huge deal, you only have to look at the success of mobile titles like Brawl Stars to know there is a big audience out there playing games on their devices in their free time. The question then, is really whether or not this audience strongly overlaps with the audience you want to reach with your marketing. If you are marketing something aimed at younger people, then popular games can be a good place to put your advertising. However, some more casual puzzle games – such as word searches and sudoku style games – are also played by older people. With some market research, you can work out whether the kind of people you want to market to play ad-supported games, and if so, which games to target.

Working with mobile games and apps can be a new way to get your ads seen, and if your business is compatible with the audience, you may well find it to be a very effective addition to your strategy.