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5 Best Practices Every WordPress Web Designer Must Know

Are you planning to hire a Website Designing Company or design your WordPress website? But Confuse with the Wordpress Website Design Service making ideas? Don’t worry; you are not the only one. On the off chance that you are not kidding about creating a website that stands the trial of time, WordPress is the correct name to depend on.

I know designing a website isn't simple. You have to clear all your uncertainties and buts and search for the most effortless approach to do as such. When I was planning to build up a website for my image, I was genuinely confounded. I explored as much as I could and did my best to make a WP website. To be completely forthright, WordPress has helped me a great deal. It completely changes me.

In any case, with regards to designing part, there are a couple of things I wish I realized when planning my WP site. Need to know what? We should discuss it in this post…


Let's face it we as a whole love free things! When I began designing my website, I was glad to see that WordPress offers such a significant number of FREE themes. Be that as it may, a specific something, I am not mindful of was-Free themes are problematic and the fundamental issue was functionality and code structure. Then again, premium themes have an unusual adaptable structure and extraordinary code quality. You will likewise get an incredible collection of features that supplements the remarkable design.


I didn't know prior that fonts assume an urgent job. In any case, when I came to realize I chose to inquire about the correct font for my website. Setting up custom fonts on your site is a significant tedious and needs new endeavors. When you pick your fonts cautiously, it will reflect accurately on the identity of your image, and your site looks increasingly dependable. Additionally, custom fonts assist your website with staying ahead in the challenge.


Much the same as me, I know each WP client needs to make their blog or website work efficiently and look 'amazing.' So, it is essential to deal with shading determination. Picking a shading for your WordPress website is essential, and numerous sites assist you to do as such like WP Eka. That deal with your designing needs as well as SEO, Digital Marketing, Hosting and Online Marketing.

Going to the designing part, numerous brands regularly ponder which shading to pick. However, it's not about your most loved shading; it's about the shading that supplements your image. Shading assumes an essential job in the accomplishment of your website. It isn't tastefully significant however can spare a ton of time when finally you are retouching the design. In this way, the best thing you can do is set a complement shading for your WordPress site.


Give me a chance to be clear if you couldn't care less about the site speed and looks; your guests won't enjoy you! As indicated by Google, the usual time to stack the mobile landing page is 22 seconds, According to stats around 53% of people bounce back from the website which takes to long time load on their mobile phones.

Regardless of whether you couldn't have cared less for your site speed, at that point the opportunity has already come and gone to analyze it. There are a couple of techniques, modules, and changes that can assist your site with speeding. Be that as it may, if you truly need your website to stack quicker, you have to contribute a few endeavors and time to instruct yourself about present-day possibilities and innovations.


A logo is the cornerstone of your business character. It is a blend of imprints, logotypes and logo marks. It bunches esteems and thoughts behind your image. When designing a logo for your WordPress site, you may go over with numerous designers; however, on the off chance that you need to spare your time and cash, you can search for a dependable free logo creator like Renderforest. The key properties of good logos are-Readability, Uniqueness, longevity, straightforwardness, and scalability.


6 Most Effective WordPress Website Design Tips

Web Designing, as the name suggests, entails both creativity and technical know-how. The term in common parlance, however, is generally used to describe the design process in association with the client related design of a website. But more broadly, it encompasses in its ambit a wider range of skills and disciplines. These are web graphic designing, interface designing, authoring, user experience designing and search engine optimization. Web designing is usually taken up by a team with each individual or a duo or trio taking up a certain aspect of the designing process but sometimes a single person has all the skills required for the same.

In this regard, it becomes impossible not to mention WordPress as it is the most popular platform for creating websites. It is extremely affordable and easy to use which instantly makes it a people’s favorite. Besides this, you also need to put in other efforts in order to conjure up a website that can turn its visitors into followers. Mentioned below are 6 effective tips and suggestions that help you enhance your Web Design Company India followed by web design companies in India.

1. Have a layout ready: Like every other enterprise, you must ensure you have a plan before you start working on your website. You must take time to map out your visitor’s journey from the time they first visit your website till the time they become your customer. Make sure you know what content you want to have so that you can follow up on the leads easily. There are certain elements which can cause your website to lose its value. Unnecessary animations and images or complicated content can make your visitors lose interest almost immediately. Therefore proper planning undertaking before commencing comes in handy.

2. Use of Plugins: Plugins can enhance your brand by increasing engagement with the customers. They also significantly add to the functionality of the user interface of the WordPress website. You can collect user data, encourage more and more signups and makes it smoother to build on ongoing relationships with customers who are visiting your website. Similarly, putting in too many plugins can cause unwanted trouble.

3. Parallax scrolling:  This is a very simple motion design technique but at the same time it is super effective and attractive. The images in the foreground move faster than the background. This makes for an eye-catching effect. It is also very easy to develop and adds to the visual element of the website.

4. Ace the White Space: Nobody likes reading a page crammed with information. Heck, nobody likes to even look at it. Do not go overboard with the content and cover every inch of the celluloid screen with words. Let the white space work its aesthetic.

5. Fonts are important: You would be foolish to think any font will work because at the end they all read the same. Wrong; font really can make or break the deal. Font pairings require careful thought.

6. Complementary images: What’s better than a picture or an image to add on to the value of what you want to convey. Especially in the age of memes, go ahead and add a meme or a vine that is both popular and fitting for your content’s complementarity.


Why personal branding is a must in 2018?


What is personal branding?
A personal branding is a reference that we give off to our listeners while establishing or promoting thoughts that we stand for. A personal branding is a unique trait that combines our skill sets and the experience that we have accumulated over the years. A personal branding consists of features that make us who we are and thus establishes a unique feature that helps the world to judge us better.

What is a brand?
A brand does not necessarily have to be an organisation or a company, anything and everything can be a brand nowadays. A brand doesn't have to be companies like Apple or Microsoft; it can also be a unique trait that showcases the skills of a person. You can have a brand both that has its presence both online and offline.

Why is personal branding important?
Gone are the good old days where there were very few speakers and influencers in the market. In 2018 we have tons of people who are ready to leave their mark on the world and honestly, they are pretty good. But despite being good they might not just make it to the top. To survive the competition and to be the best, personal branding helps in leaving a mark on people. When done right personal branding can get you really famous.

How can personal branding help you?
a.When you have a personal brand of your own and go on to an interview your potential employers will give you the first preference as you have some experience in the field.
b.Also while promotions your name will tend to come first up in the list of potential candidates.
c.You will get better job placements depending upon your skill sets.
d.You will be a preferred name for partnerships as your image will definitely help the company in increasing its goodwill.
e.If you run a business and it is online based then the good reputation that you have earned via personal branding will also affect your company. People will want to invest in your business and customers will get assurance. Being a media house affects your online image hugely.

A guide to personal branding and why is it so trending in 2018?
Personal branding is surely not something that one can achieve overnight in a jiffy, branding needs a lot of work and almost years of experience to get it right. Only when you are famous among a certain group of people, they will know who you are and you will have a brand of your own.
There is no one single way to have a brand, there are tips and tricks that people in the field prefer but when done right anything can work. Many entrepreneurs across the world have successfully transformed into personal brands and have become as famous as their brand itself. You can take help from a branding agency, there are quite a few good branding agency in Chennai.
There can be many ways through which one can be branded and social media is one of the most important and powerful ones. In order to be famous in the social media circle, you need to revamp your entire account. Here are a few simple ways on how you can do that.
a.The most important thing is to create and curate the most engaging content.
b.Another good rule of thumb is to keep your thoughts and content positive. Try not to deal with super sensitive matters that might get you into trouble.
c.You can also join groups with like-minded people.
d.Try and keep your brand tone consistent.


How To Build A Lifestyle Around Your Brand


Branding is a vast field, it not only just resembles a logo design, the significance of branding is way more different than others. Lifestyle Brand is a component of branding which is implemented by the companies who want to inspire people in their day to day life. The company must initiate and implement innovative ideas to keep pace with everyday life and catch the attention of the users and the buyers in a fresh new way. Here are some suggestions to create a lifestyle brand identity agency despite belonging to profit or non-profit sector.

Focus on the potential audiences:

Before writing any content, we need to make sure that we have identified the target audience who are potential enough to deal with the content; rather they try to engage themselves more in it. The concrete establishment of the content should be crystal clear to that audience. We should share the initial basic educational information about the product or service. Then make that product the central base from where our lifestyle posts will branch out. As example we can cite “Kellogg” which a cereal. In the world full of junkies and obesity, this healthy cereal will help people to keep their figure well-maintained and that is the striking point where people will show interest! Especially, “Kellogg” wants to make sure that having this cereal will be a pure bliss for those people who will like to keep it in their daily routine.

Content making with business strategy:

In the advertising world, content marketing is an intrinsic part and especially when it comes to lifestyle branding. If we want to catch the attention of the regular customer, then it will be the best way to create and present a revolving story. This marketing strategy will briefly explain to the customers that why they need our product. As example we can cite the marketing strategy of “Maggie”. In this super busy world, people rely more on readymade foods rather than the foods which take longer time in making (though they are healthy). So, the main strategic strike will be when there will be assurance that Maggie can be prepared in 2 minutes amidst the busy schedule, which will quench hunger pangs of appetite and healthy too.

Upheave online presence:

Social media is such a platform where everybody showcases their activities or engagements in different fields. Only being online in social media does not indicate a good sign. The more an individual involves himself with positive activities, the more audience will appreciate it. We should keep eye on what the target audience uses most. As example we can go through the example of the project of NASA in 2016. The assignment was to make comparison of the effects of space on human bodies. In this mission, two astronauts were sent. One of them Scott Kelly had a twin on earth with whom he was supposed to be physically compared with after returning. This mission got viral due to social media presence of Kelly which was directly from space. It gained a million followers as it created deep interest in the global space science.

Spreading Brand Awareness:

Brand Awareness plays a pivotal role in business strategy. In this field a handsome amount of money is spent to make people recognize the brand of the product. In this context, promotional video with excellency, web design Perth, billboards etc play a massive role in marketing as this will make the audience notice and remember the brand by specialty. As example we can cite “Apple” brand. The visual branding of “Apple” is so famous that anyone can recognize it after having a look at the symbol.

The mentioned suggestions will definitely show light towards a better and broader world. Lifestyle brands will get success only when we will maintain the balance, listen to the audience and make them satisfied.


How Important is Graphic Design for Your Business

You come across brochures, logos, books, signage, branding, magazines, and other such stuff every day. Have you ever thought who creates all this stuff! It is the graphic designer!

This clearly shows the importance of graphic design in the modern competitive business scenario. Every business needs services of a graphic designer to design attractive and informative marketing materials. From business cards, brochures, leaflets, websites, to stationaries, and more, graphic designers create them all.

A business can build its unique identity easily with a memorable and impressive logo design. In addition to this, best creative graphic designs can also help build mobile apps as well as boost social media pages for business marketing.

While these are some core reasons highlighting the importance of graphic design for your business, this post will discuss more other reasons in detail. But before that, have a look at what graphic design exactly means!

What Does Graphic Design Stands for?

Graphic design is mainly concerned with designing accurate and proper stuff. The designing part in graphic is essential to create a specific message in an artistic and professional way. The aim of graphic designing is to generate a rich piece of visual information to target the audience.

This creative process involves a graphic designer who is responsible to create visual elements that can communicate with the audience out there. The designer uses distinct tools, typography skills, layout techniques, visual arts, and images to create amazing graphics. With proper arrangement of graphic design it is possible to create posters, packages, logos, websites, and other great stuff.

Some of the modern design tools used by graphic designers are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, CorelDraw, and more. From print, broadcasting, to web, the role of a graphic designer is limitless. With help of a graphic designer, businesses can clearly convey their messages to the audience in an aesthetic way.

Other than this, the graphic designer can help your business achieve more other benefits, which makes it an important field, like any other department in your business.

What Makes Graphic Design Important for Your Business?

  1. Enhanced Sales

Thoughtfully and well-communicating graphic designs can help boost your business sales to a great extent. People are interested to know about anything unique. And if a design is able to convey them a message in an interesting way, then there is nothing better than this. With striking graphic design it is possible to bring people closer to the business and achieve increased sales.

  1. Build Brand Identity

You can build lasting business identity with an attractive logo design. The logo is more like the identity of a business to the audience. If it is attractive then people would remember it and feel more connected to that brand. Since, the logo would be used on websites, business cards, advertisements, and other aspects, so a logo design can help establish your brand identity to a great extent.

  1. Build Strong Goodwill in the Market

Graphic design is an excellent tool to develop trust and goodwill in the market. A logo or design of high aesthetic value is ideal to win viewers confidence. Customers develop faith and trust in a company that offers them with a good market reputation and if their design aspects are able to appeal their senses. Ultimately, with an attractive design you can win customers loyalty with ease.

  1. Easily Convey the Brand’s Message

Graphic design is an excellent means to convey the brand’s message to target customers. A designer must be aware of what you know about the message that must be delivered from the design. A design can make the brand’s message useful. The designer selects elite typefaces and colors to evoke intended emotion among the customers.

  1. Boost Team Development

Every company has multiple employees belonging to different origins, locations, having varying ideologies, thought processes, and differences. All of them can work under one roof and feel united under the shed of a strong brand. And this is possible with a consistent design. The employees share some things in common like uniforms, logo, brochures, stationary, publications, web pages, and other items. Hence, if you have a good logo design then this would offer them a positive identity of your business.

  1. Let Customers Think About Your Business

One of the reasons to have a graphic design for your company is that it can persuade clients to think about your business. With a well-created logo design, brochure design, and other elements, it is possible to persuade customers and make them think about your business. It helps businesses to build a strong connection to your brand.

  1. Increases Content Readability

An expert graphic designer can enhance the content’s readability. This helps to grab more audience for your business. The designer can pick appropriate colors, typefaces, images, and other design elements in order to boost the readability of the content.

  1. Boost Professionalism

If your company struggles to create a work culture that is more competitive and professional among the employees, then a graphic design can offer you all support in this context. An aesthetically pleasing logo design can create lasting impression on vendors and clients. It speaks volume about the functionality and services of a business. With a strategically designed logo, you can give a positive impression about your company to your clients.


Graphic design is of utmost importance to businesses as well as other walks of life. A professionally designed logo can make a good impression on the clients. So, if you want your business to succeed and gain all above benefits, then consider graphic design an imperative part of your business.